An existing bungalow built in 1968 was originally found on the site, it was of timber frame construction with a concrete cladding to the outside face, with no insulation.

The proposed replacement property retained the use of traditional materials, low level brick plinth’s, oak supports, an oak entrance porch, cottage style windows and a light painted render over, reproducing styles found in the local area.

The design set out to make the maximum use of the existing footprint/s employed by buildings on the site. The existing property was very inefficient in its land use (all accommodation on the ground floor), so by replacing the existing property with the proposed design, the actual efficiency of the land in use is substantially increased, by means of utilising wasted loft space in the form of the first floor accommodation.

The main living areas were placed to maximise the suns orientation, benefiting from solar gains. This also brought the additional advantages of fantastic views across the countryside and horizon beyond.

ARB Architecture Ltd gained planning approval for the replacement property in an AONB in this Devon settle, the approval included a 50 m sq studio annex and double garage.