The project, once completed will provide a positive visual impact and save the
building from further decline. The development will retain, protect and keep the existing agricultural land use (grazing & arable). The sites and wider environs will benefit from the conservation work done by the volunteers accommodated at Seymour Barn.

The proposal is to repair the building and create accommodation for full time
volunteers for the National Trust, who will be performing conservation work within the AONB and around the local area as part of the National Trust conservation works.
The building proposal includes 6 small single bedrooms, shared bathrooms, a kitchen, a communal living area and storage for the Woolacombe ranger team on the ground floor, within the existing 88m 2 footprint. There is an existing upper floor which will be re-instated to accommodate the bedrooms and shared bathroom areas.

Seymour Barn is a derelict agricultural barn (Linhay), which is approximately 150 years old. Its current use is as an ad hoc sheep shelter but has fallen into disrepair making the building unusable for the landowner and users.