The National Trust exists to maintain such buildings and landscapes of heritage interest along with buildings of national and regional importance.


To maintain and to keep such treasured buildings in existence the National Trust have a number of entrusted support teams and at Cotehele this is no exception. The National Trust employ a team of skilled craftspeople with specialised knowledge enabling them to maintain the magnificent Cotehele House along with the additional estate properties and farms owned by the Trust.


The property team at the Cotehele estate were looking to bring the maintenance workshop and craft facilities up to date, locating the workshop within it’s own purpose built building, which is to be linked to the neighbouring material store.

The previous workshops were divorced from each other spread across the estate in a number of different buildings that were located away from the existing service yard, home to the material store/s. This often resulted in a simple task becoming complex, as the maintenance team had to travel the estate to gather materials to bring back to the existing workshop to undertake the specialist repairs.


Therefore by bringing the operations within the existing works compound, this simplied the ongoing maintenance works on the estate. In addition to this the reconfiguration of the works compound allowed an area set aside (within the buildings) in case there should ever be an incident (fire etc), so that large items can be stored.

Our appointment involved assessing the requirements of the maintenance & property team and incorporating their needs into the proposals. One of the main issues to overcome was limited space for deliveries of larger items together with a review and advice on health & safety procedures for storage for specialist chemicals & materials.

There was also the requirement to incorporate a medium size office and kitchen area for the property/maintenance support staff.