Watersmeet House is a former fishing lodge built around 1832. The lodge sits in a remote woodland clearing beside the East Lyn River about 1 ¾ miles upstream from Lynmouth and the North Devon coast. It was originally part of the Glenthorn Estate. The property is now under the control and ownership of the National Trust.

We were appointed by the National Trust  to examine the roof, parts of the buildings structure and external fabric. We established the roof coverings required replacement and it was clear that significant repairs were required to the principal roof structure/s. We provided the services for Listed Building Consent, fire separation strategy in the roof voids, specifications to take into consideration a maternity bat roots, building regulations approvals and prepared and reported on tenders.

The project required 4,300 new slate tiles and cost £150,000 in total. . Visitors were also given the unique chance to ‘sponsor a slate’ and leave a message on a roof tile which have been woven into the fabric of the house, becoming a part of Watersmeet’s history.